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Arlington Residents Are Using App Created For Flagging Problems To Report Acts Of Kindness

Ask Arlington
As of last month, the City of Arlington's "Ask Arlington" allows residents to report good deeds.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Arlington’s giving neighborly praise in the digital age; Deep Ellum’s getting bought up; just how big is Texas?; and more.

Arlington residents are making sure random acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed with the help of a mobile app.

At the beginning of the year, the City of Arlington released “Ask Arlington,” a free app that citizens could use to report minor city issues like potholes, stray pets or bug infestations.

But, as WFAA-TV reports, some residents have been using the app the report nice things their neighbors have done, like mowing someone’s yard or picking up the check at lunch. It’s part of the city’s Kindness Initiative.","_id":"00000174-20e7-d47e-a1f7-72e7388d0000","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">">","_id":"00000174-20e7-d47e-a1f7-72e7388d0000","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">

The city tells WFAA-TV that it’s received about 60 submissions since it started accepting kindness reports in late June. But, over the next year, they hope to have 400,000 acts of kindness documented — one for every resident in Arlington. [WFAA-TV]

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