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Top Stories: Jeff Sessions Visits North Texas; How This Tax Credit Helps Texas Families

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The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in North Texas Tuesday.  He called for a return to more aggressive enforcement of drug laws. Sessions spoke at the annual DARE drug abuse prevention conference in Grapevine.

The attorney general criticized the Obama administration for cutting back on the use of the toughest sentences for drug crimes. Sessions says many drugs are grown in and trafficked from Mexico, which is part of the reason the Trump administration is pushing for a bigger border wall.

While in Grapevine, Sessions announced a $35 million-dollar settlement against drug manufacturers and said prescription opioids are over-prescribed, leading to increased rates of addictions and overdoses.

Other stories this evening: 

  • Finn Murphy has logged more than a million miles across America as a long-haul truck driver. Known in the industry as a "bedbugger," Murphy specializes in transporting people's belongings when they move across the country. He talked about the finer points of trucking on Thinkwith Krys Boyd.
  • Texas is a state where one of the highest concentrations of families are pulled out of poverty by what’s known as the Earned Income Tax Credit. Some experts say changing how that credit is paid out—might help even more people

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Samantha Guzman is the coordinating editor of Arts Access, a partnership between The Dallas Morning News and KERA expanding arts coverage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the lens of equity and access.