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Top Stories: Jurors In John Wiley Price Case Deadlocked; Telling West Dallas Gentrification Tales

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The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

The jury in John Wiley Price’s federal corruption trial is deadlocked on at least one of the counts against him. The jury has spent five days deliberating the guilt or innocence of the longtime Dallas County Commissioner, and the judge told the jury to come back and try again Wednesday morning.

Other stories this evening:

  • As the daughter of one of the nominees, Chelsea Clinton had a front row seat to one of the most divisive presidential elections in U.S. history. Today on Think, which was recorded Sunday before a live audience, Krys Boyd talked with the former First Daughter about what it will take for the parties to come together and have more constructive conversations.
  • A century ago, West Dallas was a poor, mostly white, unincorporated home for folks on the edge of society. As industry came, black families moved in— then Latinos, who put down roots that still run deep today. Today KERA begins a new One Crisis Away series. It’s called “No Place To Go” and will explore a neighborhood on the financial edge—bracing for gentrification. Glitzy apartments and tougher housing standards are forcing out hundreds of families who’ve called West Dallas home for generations. As Courtney Collins reports, many of them have no place to go.

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Gus Contreras is a digital producer and reporter at KERA News. Gus produces the local All Things Considered segment and reports on a variety of topics from, sports to immigration. He was an intern and production assistant for All Things Considered in Washington D.C.