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More People Chose To Call Texas Home In The Past Year Than Anywhere Else In The U.S.

Jimmy Emerson
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Five stories that have North Texas talking: UNT is archiving Obama’s presidency; Greg Abbott “fires” Chris Suprun via Twitter; Big D NYE is canceled again; and more.

It’s a good thing Texas is a spacious state. More than 432,000 people moved here in the past year (between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016), according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday. That’s a 1.8 percent increase in growth. The number of individuals coming into the Lone Star State was the highest in the country, and it bumped Texas’ population to 27,862,596. And in just six years, the number of people who call Texas home has increased by 2.7 million.

Even though Texas had to loosen its belt a notch, the growth didn’t push the state ahead of California’s population. The Golden State is still the most populous place to live with 39.2 million residents. And Texas and California might be big and popular, but Utah is actually the fastest-growing state, with its population surpassing three million, growing 2 percent, in one year. [U.S. Census Bureau]

  • WWE wrestler "Sting," serves as the new “intimidation coach” for The Dallas Cowboys. Well, he at least plays that role in a promotional video posted by the team on Twitter Tuesday. Much like NBC’s “The Office,” the documentary-style video shows Sting going through the motions of the 9-to-5 at The Star, the Cowboys' new headquarters in Frisco. Clad in his black, leather trench coat and white face paint, Sting chats with his co-workers, gripes about the coffee and the copy machine and explains to the camera why he wanted to join the team. Watch the WWE hall of famer pump up the players below. [The Dallas Cowboys]
Welcome the Dallas Cowboys' newest coach... — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) December 20, 2016

  • The University of North Texas is one of several institutions archiving web content from the Obama administration. The team of researchers has been working diligently since June to build up the End of Term Web Archive, NBC DFW reports. But the process of preserving the digital record of Barack Obama’s presidency started in 2008. “Scientists and researchers fear that, without their work, each administration's content via the web would disappear,” according to NBC DFW. Since ‘08, the database has collected more than 160 million documents taken from 3,300 government websites. Read more about the digital transition. [NBCDFW]


  • Gov. Greg Abbott Tuesday tweeted at “faithless elector” Christopher Suprun of Dallas saying, “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” The Twitter exchange came one day after the Electoral College made Donald Trump’s victory official. In a New York Times opinion piece, Suprun vowed not to vote for Trump and said he’d cast his ballot for John Kasich instead. Only two of Texas’ 38 electors didn’t vote for Trump on Monday. Suprun responded to Abbott’s tweet by saying: “You mean I resigned.” And a second reply: “Does this mean I can release tapes of your staff ignoring threats against Presidential Electors?” Abbott deleted his tweet. [KERA News]

  • The downtown Dallas New Year’s Eve party is canceled for a second year in a row. Big D NYE ran from 2007 through 2014, but the partnership between the venue (American Airlines Center) and the broadcaster (WFAA-TV) dissolved in early 2015, GuideLive reports. An announcement at that time promised "a more powerful audience and attendee experience in December 2016." But, among other obstacles, event organizers didn’t find a venue that could fully accommodate between 30,000 and 40,000 people in time for the year-end celebration. Here’s what you could do instead. [GuideLive]