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Study: Don't Go South For The Winter — North Texas Is One Of The Top Travel Destinations

The Katy Trail
Walking or running on the Katy Trail is a winter-friendly activity in Dallas.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Trump’s “rigged” election claim resonates with some Texas Republicans; Wichita Falls residents are on rattlesnake watch; Dallas vegans can have their brisket and eat it, too.

Before fall graced North Texas with its presence today, temperatures had hovered in and around the 90s. We’re closing in on November, so it’s no surprise D-FW is one of the top warm weather destinations for winter travel, according to a WalletHub survey. To determine the top destinations, the personal finance website took into account local weather, attractions and activities as well as travel costs and hassles in each of the 37 metro areas ranked.Read the full methodology.

WalletHub defined “warm weather” as having an average of at least 57 degrees in the month of December. The North Texas metro — labeled as Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington — ranked as the ninth best warm weather destination just above Houston, The Woodlands and Sugarland. North Texas also had the lowest travel costs and fewest hassles of all other metros. And Texas regions swept the category for the lowest local costs.Explore the full results from the survey. [WalletHub]

  • Trump’s claim that the election is “rigged” is resonating with some Texas GOP members. While the Republican nominee’s claim is baseless, it’s elevating existing party concerns of voter fraud. Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler said Tuesday: "We know it's out there, and we know it's massive. We're doing everything we can to identify and to prepare for it." The Texas Tribune reports, “The state's controlling party aggressively seeks to root out alleged fraud, while Democrats decry such GOP efforts as a ploy to suppress the vote.” Here are five reasons to not worry about a “rigged” election. [Texas Tribune, NPR]


  • Wichita Falls city officials are telling residents to be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. Snakes are in the area because of a rodent population boom. The increase in rodents likely comes from “abundant rainfall and record crop yields,” USA Today reports. With four large snakes captured last weekend, city officials are telling people to be wary of their surroundings. Contrary to classic Westerns, rattlesnakes aren’t usually aggressive and would likely retreat if given the opportunity, officials say. [USA Today]


  • Did you know Dr Pepper’s formula is held in two separate bank vaults in Dallas? Texas’ favorite soft drink was created in 1885 by a pharmacist, Charles Alderton, in Waco and served in the local drugstore. Wade Morrison, the owner of the drugstore, gave Dr Pepper its name (which used to be “Waco) supposedly to impress his would-be father-in-law. He didn’t get the girl but he got reparations for his broken heart when the soda became a national sensation. Get more history behind Texas’ favorite soft drink. [Texas Standard]


  • Vegan brisket exists in Dallas — and it’s not bad. That’s according to Dallas Observer writer Beth Rankin who recently sampled the meatless barbecue at V Eats in Trinity Groves. She writes: “Vegan restaurants tend to go one of two routes: animal-free takes on classic meat-filled favorites, or an unabashed celebration of veggie-centric dishes that don't try to be anything other than what they are. V-Eats has robust salads and vegetable dishes, but much of the menu is devoted to vegan takes on Texas favorites.” [Dallas Observer]