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Archaeologists Uncover 18th-Century Adobe Wall That Could Be Part Of The Original Alamo

Texas General Land Office
An archaeologist points to recently-discovered Spanish colonial era adobe bricks.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas archaeologists are rediscovering the Alamo brick by brick; call to talk about recent events in Dallas and Baton Rouge at 1 p.m. today; July hasn’t been the best month for Dallas’ Pecan Lodge; and more.

During a dig on Friday, archaeologists found Spanish colonial adobe bricks that may have comprised part of the original western wall of the Alamo.  


Researchers announced the exciting discovery on Monday, but included a caveat. Further analysis is needed to confirm the origin of the bricks, which could belong to a structure erected near the mission, The Texas Tribune reported. Regardless, the bricks point to the right era and location of the original 18th-century landmark.


The dig site in the downtown San Antonio plaza is “the first of its kind at the Alamo,” according to the Tribune. It’s the first phase in a larger effort by state and local officials called “Reimagine the Alamo”  to renovate the historical landmark, while learning as much as they can about the original structure, according to the Tribune and Houston Chronicle.

Archaeologists will continue their dig over the next several weeks — perhaps with even more promising discoveries to come. [The Texas Tribune]


  • With recent shootings, Dallas and Baton Rouge are connected now more than ever.  In partnership with WNNO and WKRF in Louisiana, KERA will host an hourlong conversation, “12 Days in July: Our Shared Tragedy” about the violence both cities have experienced this month. Guests from Dallas and Baton Rouge will offer their insight into the issues, and listeners are encouraged to do the same by calling 800-933-5372 throughout the program. And, join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #OurSharedTragedy. The show will air live at 1 p.m. today on KERA 90.1 and in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and other cities. [KERA, WNNO, WKRF]

  • Dallas barbecue restaurant, Pecan Lodge claimed someone tampered with their voicemail and changed the greeting to include racial slurs. This misfortune is the third of small crises that have seemed to plague Pecan Lodge on a weekly basis since mid-July. On July 13, there was a fire in the restaurant’s smokehouse. Last week, UberEats failed to deliver half of their customers’ orders. On Sunday, the restaurant posted on Facebook that someone left a voicemail filled with racial slurs and “pro-Trump sentiments,” Dallas Observer reported. Here’s what Pecan Lodge had to say: “It made us sick. There is too much hate. Too much ignorance. Too much intolerance. Something has to give. I'll tell y'all something else- that nonsense about Trump in his message? Trump would only eat at PL over my dead body. #nevertrump.” Here’s hoping August is better. [Dallas Observer]

  • The Wild Detectives closed the curtain on Shakespeare in the Bar — for now, at least. In the wildly popular event, actors perform a great work of Shakespeare with just one rehearsal under their belt in front an audience that’s encouraged to drink and interact. Monday night’s performance of “Romeo and Juliet” was the seventh and final production to be held at the Bishop Arts-area coffee shop/beer and wine counter/bookstore. Moving to different cities and general life changes have swayed founders Katherine Bourne, Dylan Key, and Alia Tavakolian to take a break and consider passing the company onto a group of friends or organizing the next show remotely, D Magazine reported. [D Magazine]

  • The City of Dallas announced funding for developers to build one or more grocery stores in the city’s food desert. Funding of up to $3 million is available for proposed projects within or next to current food deserts in the city’s southern sector. A food desert is defined by the lack of grocery stores with affordable and high-quality food. Applicants for the funding need to have at least five years of development, management or operational experience of a grocery store, according to the announcement, and direct experience within Dallas-Fort Worth is a plus. Applicants also have to demonstrate the financial capacity to develop and maintain the project. Proposals are due at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 30. [City of Dallas]