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Dallas Love Field Operation Back Up After Brief Evacuation Due To Alarms, Delays Expected

Travelers and employees of Dallas Love Field are getting back to the routine after a temporary evacuation. The airport's fire alarms were repeatedly sounding due to a system malfunction, and no fire was detected, authorities confirmed.

Alarms started blaring around 9 a.m. Saturday. Police called Dallas Fire Rescue to disregard the alarms, The Dallas Morning News reported, but they sounded off a second time prompting the brief evacuation. 

The airport has opened security checkpoints and baggage claim and will post flights delays due to the fire alarm. You can also check the status of flights on the airport's website.

People were let back into the airport after Dallas Fire Rescue confirmed there was no fire or smoke inside. There were no heat-related issues among people waiting outside either, the fire rescue said. 

Here's what the scene looked like inside, courtesy of The Dallas Morning News: