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Man Shot Outside Dallas Love Field In Stable Condition, Faces Assault Charges

Update, Saturday: A Maryland man is facing charges of aggravated assault and assault family violence, after a domestic dispute escalated into a shooting outside Dallas Love Field Friday, forcing the airport on temporary lockdown.

Shawn Nicholas Diamond, 29, of Edgewood, Maryland remained hospitalized and in stable condition Saturday, after enduring a gun wound from a police officer.

Diamond has also been charged with criminal mischief in Carrollton, The Associated Press reported. Carrollton police say he caused $3,700 in damage to city-owned trees by driving recklessly and was released on bond earlier Friday after spending the night in jail.

From Friday: A domestic disturbance outside Dallas Love Field airport ended Friday afternoon when a police officer shot and wounded a man.  Police said the man had attacked a woman and rushed the officer while carrying a rock. After the shooting, he was taken to a hospital.  

A video on Instagram shows officers with their guns drawn around 12:20 p.m. The video shows people scattering outside a baggage claim door as an officer in a yellow vest trains a gun toward a baggage claim entrance. Several gunshots can be heard as a man's voice repeatedly yells "stand down!" A woman can be heard screaming.

At a press conference, Assistant Dallas Police Chief Randall Blankenbaker said the man, who's not been identified, was using rocks to attack a woman in a car at Love Field when the officer responded.

Blankenbaker said the man rushed the officer twice. Then the officer fired several times.

Officials say that when the police officer opened fire, one bullet hit an exterior glass wall and the rest hit the suspect. Dallas police Sgt. Mike Beattie says that the bullet that hit the glass wall outside the airport's baggage claim area didn't penetrate it because of the protective film.

Some airport operations were temporarily disrupted -- a handful of flights were canceled and delayed. But Love Field remained open.

"There were some folks in the security line who were startled, so they went through the security line without being checked. So the airport has had to pull everybody back out of the secure area and recheck them for security purposes," Blankenbaker said.

Screening lines were expected to be hours long, but they'd cleared by 4 p.m.

The Dallas Police Association sent out a tweet saying the police officer is OK.

Beattie says airport police receive specific training to be attentive to suspicious-looking travelers and that DPD provides "crowded-environment training" to all its officers every two years.

Video of the incident

Bryan Armstrong with Flashy Films captured video of the shooting.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.