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A Half-Ton, House-Broken Bison In Argyle Found A New Place To Roam Via Craigslist

Five stories that have North Texas talking: A domesticated buffalo in Argyle was sold on Craigslist; after a controversial convention, the state Republican platform is approved; McDonald’s is conducting another menu experiment exclusively in Dallas; and more.

“TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW — $5,950.” That was the ad Karen Schoeve of Argyle activated on Craigslist two months ago. After five years of care, Schoeve, a Texas Master Naturalist and former wildlife rehabilitator, wanted to find a new home for her 8-year-old domesticated bison, Bullet, to roam more freely than within the confines of her living room, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Schoeve, who had to downsize following a divorce a couple years ago, has a house on three acres across from the Denton Country Club — a locale Bullet has been known to roam every now and then. The aging bison’s unusually housepet-like ways allowed her to walk around Schoeve’s home without disturbing anything — well, for the most part.

Watch Bullet at Schoeve’s home, from the Morning News:


Schoeve, who teared up in an interview with WFAA, knew those three acres wouldn’t be enough space for Bullet in the long run. After several interested buyers contacted Schoeve, the right fit came along late last week. A landowner from Flower Mound, who rescued the two other Craigslisted cows living on his pasture, brought Bullet to her new home on Saturday, according to the Morning News.

Read more about Bullet. [The Dallas Morning News, WFAA]

  • Texas Republicans approved their 2016 platformSaturday. The escalation of transgender bathroom rules — an issue that was largely bound to North Carolina about a week ago — dominated the Republican convention. “We urge the enactment of legislation addressing individuals’ use of bathrooms, showers and locker rooms that correspond with their biologically determined sex,” according to the document. The Texas Tribune reported: “There were other highlights in the platform. Texas Republicans called for federal and state term limits, the elimination of presidential executive orders, the banning photo traffic enforcement cameras within the state limits.” State secession, another controversial issue discussed at the convention, was unsuccessful, despite multiple efforts to get wording for a secession referendum on the platform throughout the event. Read more. [The Texas Tribune]


  • McDonald’s might make the switch from frozen to fresh beef, but not before Dallas has a say. The largest burger chain in the country is testing fresh beef in its quarter pounder patties in 14 Dallas restaurants to see if the switch would be successful nationally. The Associated Press reported: “The test comes as McDonald's Corp. fights to turn around its business, which had suffered slumping sales until recently. The company has said it's looking at improving its core menu items.” Also, McDonald’s is currently offering a smaller and larger size of the Big Mac in Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants as part of another potential menu change. [The Associated Press]

  • Did you go to Dallas’ seventh annual Homegrown Music And Arts Festival? Either way, the consensus is clear: Texas music is broad and bountiful. All 12 acts were from various cities across the state. And while Austin’s Bright Light Social Hour, Denton’s Neon Indian and Charley Crockett of San Benito (and an actual descendant of Davy Crockett) all did the state proud, the local food and libations didn’t disappoint either. GuideLive reported: “Dallas food trucks such as Easy Slider and the Nammi Truck set up shop near one park entrance, while Shiner, a festival sponsor, offered its regular brews and a few seasonal flavors. Local apparel, jewelry and accessory tents lined the park, making it easy to support the small mom-and-pops in between sets.” See festival photos. [GuideLive]