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Watch These 14 Classic Texas Car Dealership Commercials

World Class Memories On YouTube
"Convicted for tasteless advertising, Joe Greed of Westway Ford languishes in jail," an announcer declares on a classic Westway Ford commercial.

Texas has a long, rich history of colorful car dealers selling cars on TV. We’ve searched YouTube for some classic commercials from yesterday and today.

There’s Clay Cooley: “Shop me first, shop me last; either way, come see Clay!”

Then there are the old Westway Ford commercials featuring Joe Greed – and a cast of zany characters, including a wrestler.

And don't forget this familiar chant: “Trophy … Trophy … Trophy Nissan!”

They're corny. They're crazy. They're catchy. And they're memorable.

Which ones are we missing?  Let us know and we’ll try to track down some more videos.

David McDavid

Westway Ford

Trophy Nissan

Southtown Ford

Mouzon Jeep-Eagle

Westway Isuzu

Clay Cooley

Toyota Town

Dallas Dodge (featuring a skateboarding dog)

Charlie Clark Nissan

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