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Video: Watch Blue Bell Ice Cream Trucks Hit The Road Again

Sarah Richter

Blue Bell trucks are back on the road. The Brenham-based company released a video showing a truck heading out -- filled with something sweet.

“Our trucks are on the road again," the company said. "And yes, they are filled with Blue Bell Ice Cream! We’ll let you know soon when and where you can find our products in stores.”

The news comes as Blue Bell is resuming ice cream production at an Alabama plant after state health officials gave the company the OK. Plants were contaminated with listeria, prompting Blue Bell to recall its products and pull lots of ice cream from store shelves. Ten cases, including three deaths, were linked to Blue Bell products.

Last month, Fort Worth businessman Sid Bass invested in Blue Bell to help the company resume ice cream production.

A couple of weeks ago, Blue Bell announced on Twitter: "Each day we're getting closer to bringing Blue Bell back!" 

"We're hard at work and want to bring you the same great-tasting ice cream as soon as possible!" the company said on Twitter.

Watch the short video

Photo: Sarah Richter/Flickr

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