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Former McKinney Police Officer Apologizes For His Behavior, Attorney Says

Brandon Brooks/YouTube
National and local civil rights leaders want a former McKinney police officer to be criminally charged for his actions last week while responding to a disturbance at a community pool.

Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer who’s attracted national controversy, is apologizing for his actions at a police call in which he pinned a girl to the ground and pulled his gun out at teenagers.

Casebolt, who resigned this week, did so with a heavy heart, but believes it was in the best interest of officers and the city, his attorney said Wednesday.

“He allowed his emotions to get the better of him,” attorney Jane Bishkin told reporters. “Eric regrets that his conduct portrayed him and his department in a negative light. He never intended to mistreat anyone.”

The video, shot Friday at a pool party, shows Casebolt yelling and cursing. Since the video went viral over the weekend, Casebolt is facing death threats. He's staying at an undisclosed location.

The video only tells part of the story, Bishkin said.

“The video that everyone has seen only depicts a small part of Eric’s actions that day,”  she said.

Casebolt was reluctant to respond to the disturbance at the Craig Ranch pool party because he had already responded to two suicide calls, which had taken an "emotional toll," Bishkin says.

But she says Casebolt ultimately felt compelled to answer the call because of reports of fighting at the pool. 

Meanwhile, national and local civil rights leaders want Casebolt to be criminally charged for his actions last week while responding to the disturbance at the pool.

They said Wednesday at a news conference in McKinney that it's not enough that Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney police force. They say he needs to be charged for wrestling a black teenage girl to the ground.

They did not specify what crime he should be charged with.

Casebolt, who is white, resigned Tuesday after facing heavy criticism following his actions Friday, when dozens of teens, many of them black, had gathered at a neighborhood pool for a party. Cellphone video showed Casebolt forcing the girl to the ground.


Watch remarks from Jane Bishkin, attorney representing Casebolt:

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