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A New Report Says More People Are Moving To Texas Than Moving Out

Most people who moved to Texas in 2013 came from California, Florida, and Oklahoma, Louisiana and Illinois.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: where new Texas residents are coming from, family of Ebola patient told to stay indoors, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist will speak at SMU tonight, and more.

We know Texas has become a popular place to move to, but a new report by the Texas Association of Realtors has found that it also leads the nation in relocation activity, both in and out of the state.

According to the 2014 Texas Relocation Report, Texas was No.1 in out-of-resident gains, with a majority of people coming from California, followed by Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Illinois.

But there are many people who want to get out of the Lone Star State also. Texas was third in the nation for people moving out of the state. In a county breakdown, Denton County had the highest net gain of residents, while Dallas County had the highest net loss – 25,461 residents moved out between 2008 and 2012. [CultureMap Dallas]

  • A local company that still makes surgical masks is getting ready for increased demand. Most companies that make surgical masks are in China, WFAA reports, but Prestige Ameritech in North Richland Hills is getting ready for increased demand after a man was diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas. Prestige Ameritech also services Texas Health Resources, the hospital chain now treating the Ebola patient.

  • The number of people who are being monitored for Ebola in Dallas has grown to 80, up from the 12-18 people estimated yesterday. These are people who have had primary or secondary contact with the man diagnosed with Ebola. Health officials have also ordered four family members of the man diagnosed with Ebola to stay home. The family members haven’t shown any symptoms of Ebola, but the goal is to prevent spread of the disease. The family is to stay home until at least Oct. 19.

  • Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez will be at SMU tonight to talk about media ethics. Ramirez won two Pulitzer Prizes for his cartoons, which have appeared in nearly every major newspaper from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more. He was also an on-air contributor and commentator on PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer. Admission to the lecture is free.

  • Dallas megachurch bishop T.D. Jakes and rapper Young Jeezy have some beef. The Dallas Morning News reports a sample of Jakes’ sermon was used in Young Jeezy’s song “Holy Ghost,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Jakes says the audio was taken “without [his] knowledge or consent.” The video for “Holy Ghost” has been removed from YouTube and the audio has been taken off of SoundCloud. Jakes has threatened legal action, but Kendrick Lamar’s reps have said they’re not aware of any lawsuit.