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Meet Stormy, The Cute Puppy Rescued From A West Dallas Storm Drain

It’s been quite a week for a little lost puppy in West Dallas.

For several days, the puppy was cold and hungry, stuck in a storm drain. His yelps echoed throughout the neighborhood. His mother had been spotted pacing nearby.

Last Monday, several city workers arrived at the scene. They placed a camera down the drain to try to spot the puppy. Crews also placed food inside a cage.

It took a while, but they were able to rescue the pup.

Crews took the dog to Dallas Animal Services.

And now he has a name: Stormy.

The terrier mix has been attracting plenty of media attention. On Tuesday, TV crews were taping him at the city animal shelter.

On Sunday, the dog was adopted. (Read more about that here.)

But the shelter says there are plenty of other dogs (and cats) looking for homes.

Officials believe the puppy was part of a litter born a few weeks ago near a school. Some from the school knew about the dogs and heard yelping from the drain.

The city animal shelter received a call late last month about the situation. But animal workers couldn’t find the dog. The workers might have scared off the little guy. They tried again -- and that's when they found Stormy.

Since Stormy's rescue, officials have found his mother. A couple of siblings were also found and were brought to Dallas Animal Services. The siblings were adopted Sunday.

Dallas officials say it's common for loose dogs and cats to take shelter in storm and sewer drains. Usually they can get in and out on their own. But if one is trapped, call 3-1-1 and tell the operator that the animal is trapped.

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