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Cowboys Defeat Giants -- And Jerry Jones Defends His Approach


Five stories that have North Texas talking: The Dallas Cowboys start the new season with a big win, there are more developments in the southern Dallas serial rapist case, there’s talk of a big sale at Neiman Marcus, and more.  

How 'bout them Cowboys? The NFL launched its 2013 season over the weekend, and the Dallas Cowboys are currently undefeated, beating the New York Giants 36-31 in Sunday night’s big matchup at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. (Well, there are at least 15 more games to go this season.)

If you’re into the business of running the Cowboys, you should read this profile about owner Jerry Jones and the state of his team in Sunday’s New York Times.

Sure, the 'Boys make tons of money, but it’s been a long time since they’ve been hot on the field. The Cowboys “have rarely been so terrible, but neither have they been tremendous,” as the Times reported.

  • Dallas Police Name New Suspect In Serial Rapist Case: Dallas police say they’re now looking for Van Dralan Dixson, who has been missing for several days after they took a DNA sample from him. On Sunday, his 2003 Saturn, similar to a car that victims have described seeing, was found abandoned in Garland, The Dallas Morning News reports. Police say that Dixson’s DNA matches evidence from one of nine rapes between late June and Sept. 1 near Fair Park. Dixson served as a crime watch block captain in his neighborhood. Last week, police had arrested another man who was a “person of interest” in the case.

  • A Big Sale At Neiman’s: Dallas-based Neiman Marcus plans to sell itself for $6 billion. That’s a lot of fancy handbags. The buyers? Ares Management LLC and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Revenue at Neiman hasn’t returned to levels seen before the 2008 financial crisis, Bloomberg reports. Shoppers have been slow to return to the luxury retailer. Neiman Marcus was founded in Dallas in 1907.

  • Syria In The Spotlight: PBS’s Charlie Rose interviewed Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus over the weekend. Assad told Rose that there’s been no evidence that he used chemical weapons “against my own people.” PBS will air a special Charlie Rose show tonight at 8 on KERA-TV, Channel 13. President Obama will also sit down with NewsHour anchor Gwen Ifill today to discuss his attempts to build support for a military strike against Syria. NewsHour airs at 6 p.m. on KERA TV.

  • A Movie With Dallas Ties Generates Oscar Buzz: A movie set in Dallas is earning rave reviews after its debut in Toronto over the weekend. Dallas Buyers Club features Matthew McConaughey, who portrays Ron Woodroof, a Dallas electrician who had the HIV virus in the '80s and smuggled medical drugs as he searched for better treatments than were allowed at the time. McConaughey lost nearly 50 pounds for the role. Dallas Buyers Club is based on 25 hours of interviews that screenwriters Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack conducted with Woodroof in 1992, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie opens in select theaters on Nov. 1.