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Dallas Issues Ultimatum to Occupy Campers

Occupy Dallas camp jutting up against parking lot, back of Dallas City Hall

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – The city of Dallas has given Occupy Dallas campers an ultimatum. They must fix violations of an agreement between campers and City Hall by 5 pm Saturday or risk removal.

In a letter from City Manager Mary Suhm to Occupy Dallas, four breaches of the deal between campers and the city are sited. They include semi-permanent structures and signs on the campsite, use of City Hall restrooms by some Occupy members, and failure to remove trash. The letter also sites disregard and removal of temporary fencing in place to protect trees, and tents inside the protected spaces.

Attorney Jonathan Winocour says he's considering several responses, but needs to consult with his 70 clients before responding officially. He hopes to avoid a direct confrontation between police and Occupy members.

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Occupy Dallas Letter Nov 8th, 2011