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Dallas Wants Beautiful Highways

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX –

Even with its tight budget, the city of Dallas will continue to spend several million dollars a year to mow and maintain highway right of way. It's actually the job of TxDot, the Texas Department of Transportation. But the city stepped in to step up the mowing and litter pick up.

Three council members proposed the city give-back the mowing duties to TxDot, and spend the three million dollars in next year's budget on neighborhood parks and pothole repair. It failed on a straw vote.

Council member Vonciel Jones Hill, argued that TxDot just doesn't perform, and it's a very important job - especially for south Dallas.

Jones Hill: We cannot get developers to come to that area and take a second look if those gateways are not clean. You never get to the neighborhoods if they back away having seen what we had two years ago at those gateways.

Council member Angela Hunt warned that budget cuts to park maintenance will be bad news for neighborhood parks.