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Dallas County Urges Flu Shots Now


By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Dallas County Officials will start giving flu shots Thursday, months ahead of the regular schedule. Zachary Thompson, head of the County's Health and Human and Services department, says the supply is in, the price is right, and there's no excuse.

Thompson: A lot of residents have been concerned over the past years about the availability of the flu vaccine. You don't have that as an excuse this year. We have enough flu vaccine, we have it early. In past history, we could not stand before you and say that.

Thompson says the vaccine covers the same flu strains as last year, including swine flu. But he urges fresh shots because effectiveness decreases over time.

Thompson says the County has 10,000 adult doses, and 16,000 for children. That's more than enough compared to last year.

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