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Father Arrested For Killing Sons

Naim Rasool Mohammed
Naim Rasool Mohammed

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – An Oak Cliff man is under arrest for kidnapping and killing his two young sons on the first day of school. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

Dallas Deputy Police Chief Craig Miller says a mother and her three and five year old sons never made it to the neighborhood elementary school on the first day of kindergarten for the oldest.

Miller: While walking to school, the woman was confronted by the father of the children, at which point they were forced into a vehicle.

Deputy Chief Miller says the father was armed with a brick or rock and made threats as he drove his family around for more than an hour. Near Camp Wisdom and R.L. Thornton, the car slowed. The woman spotted a Constable, jumped from the car and went for help. The Constable notified Dallas Police. After a flurry of leads, police found the children in the back of a car near Singing Hills and Ledbetter. Chief Miller says they had been drowned in a nearby creek. After a brief foot chase, the father was arrested. The Chief declines to talk about motive.

Miller: It was obviously a continuing family violence situation -- some disagreement they had had leading up to the kids going to school.

Chief Miller says the father also attempted to take his one year old child from a relative's house, but was unsuccessful. He says the father is cooperating with detectives. The Chief was asked if the father was remorseful.

Miller: I think everyone's hurt in this case. I think officers who open up the back hatch of a vehicle and see a deceased three year old and a five year old, I think it makes each one of us think about our own children - the vulnerable-ness of life. I think that he's hurting. And I think everybody involved in this situation is hurting.

The father is identified as 32 year old Naim Rasool Mohammed.

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