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Kemp Out of Water

Justin Cozart (cc) flickr
Justin Cozart (cc) flickr

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Water could come back on today in the little town of Kemp, southeast of Dallas. KERA's Bill Zeeble reports it still won't be ready to drink.

Kemp declared a stage 5 drought notice and shut down the water lines. Mayor Donald Kile says because of the drought, at least 14 water lines broke over the past few weeks, spilling 2 million gallons of water. To fix the lines and replenish the water supply, he says faucets are dry. But people in town have water.

Kile: People are pouring supplies in like right and left. We've got the Emergency Management Coordinator of Kaufman County beating the phones down to get resources of what we need. Man, stuff is just pouring in here. This is the busiest this town has seen downtown in front of city hall probably in 20 years.

Kile says many of the town's 1100 or so people are understanding, but some angry residents blame the city for no water. He expects water to flow out of the tap by this afternoon, but it will need to be boiled.

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