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Organizers Release Details of Governor Perry's Day Of Prayer

By KERA News & Wire Services

Houston, TX – Coordinators for Governor Perry's day of prayer event Saturday in Houston have released information about participants in the program. Following is verbatim information included in a press release sent to media early Friday evening.


As Americans descend on Houston for a day of prayer and fasting Saturday, many more will join in the experience via simulcast. Over 1,100 churches have signed up to simulcast the event in cities and communities across the country. People in every state have signed up to simulcast the Response.

"The Response has touched the hearts and minds of Americans across the country who want to pray for a country in crisis," said event spokesman Eric Bearse. "People are coming to Houston from all over the nation, and many more will tune in via simulcast to experience God's presence, and seek His forgiveness and provision in their own lives, and for the nation."

Prayer partners in Indonesia, India and Brazil will also take to their knees in support of the church in America.

The event will be broken into four parts: a call for personal repentance, a focus on repentance for the church as a whole in America, a renewed devotion to the 1st Commandment, and a time dedicated to raising up a new generation of spiritual leaders among the youth of America.

Program participants will include Gov. Rick Perry, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Richard Land, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Pastor Tony Evans, Tony Perkins and Don Wildmon.

Fitting the theme inspired by the Book of Joel, Chapter 2, the event will maintain a solemn tone of personal reflection, repentance, and prayer for all Americans without regard to faith or background.

"There will be no long sermons, and there is no desire to gather in opposition to any group or philosophy," said Bearse. "We are praying for all Americans, we are seeking forgiveness for our own part in a country in decline, and we are lifting up Jesus Christ as the source of power and inspiration in our lives.

"The event will represent the diversity of the Body of Christ, and will showcase the ethnic and racial diversity of America."

The event begins at 10:00 a.m. and concludes at 5:00 p.m.