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Dallas Council: Bring Back Campaign Signs

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By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – Dallas City Council members want to put campaign signs back at city-owned polling places.

During a closed council session earlier this month, it was decided to enforce the ordinance banning the signs on city property for the very first time - and do it on Election Day.

Council member Ann Margolin says that was a mistake - judging by the calls she got from confused voters.

Margolin: They were accustomed to seeing signs at one of the polling places, which was a rec center. They were not allowed this time. So, if they're allowed at churches and other places, it becomes doubly confusing.

For the June 18th runoff election, the City Secretary proposed spending 14 thousand dollars for signs saying "VOTE HERE". Council members decided to re-write the ordinance to allow campaign signs to signal where to vote, instead of spending the money.

The Council hopes to vote on the ordinance change by June 15th - three days before the runoff.