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Dallas Mayor Runoff Endorsement

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – City Councilman Ron Natinsky third place finisher in the Dallas Mayor's race is endorsing runoff candidate Mike Rawlings.

Natinsky: I hope a good portion of my supporters both at City Hall and those out in the community, all over the city, do join me in supporting Mike as he continues these last 30 days in the run for mayor.

Natinsky says Rawlings is a businessman who knows the importance of economic development, especially in the Southern Sector. He says Rawlings shares his philosophy and perspective on how to move the city forward.

Runoff candidate David Kunkle says he expected Natinsky to endorse Rawlings. Kunkle, yesterday, announced a long list of law enforcement endorsements: including two former U.S. Attorneys, two FBI chiefs, and a City Attorney.