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Runoff Candidates For Dallas Mayor Talk Ethics

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – Both candidates in the Dallas runoff for Mayor want to overhaul the city's ethics policy. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

Candidate David Kunkle says political consultants who help a mayor get elected should not be able to lobby City Hall afterward.

Kunkle: The previous mayor, it's my belief, kept people on his payroll who were campaign consultants during his whole time as mayor. And these same people lobbied frequently on very lucrative contracts.

Kunkle says that's not good government. He says his plans for stronger ethics policies would dramatically change the way business is done at Dallas City Hall.

Runoff opponent Mike Rawlings says he agrees with a firewall between campaign consultants and lobbyists - and said so several weeks ago.

Rawlings: The mayor has always got to be on the side of tighter ethics. But, you know it's not really about what the Chief says or what I say about a specific aspect of ethics, we need a comprehensive strategy and plan on it.

Rawlings says he'll appoint a committee to look at best ethics practices nationwide and rewrite the Dallas rules.