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Lemonade Stands Raise Money For Japanese Aid

\"Lemonade stand for Japanese Tsumani Relief\"
\"Lemonade stand for Japanese Tsumani Relief\"

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – The Japanese tsunami has sent the price of lemonade soaring - at least in one North Dallas neighborhood. KERA's BJ Austin reports on "Lemons to Aid", a social-network-inspired movement of "kids helping others."

In a corner of the busy Preston Royal Village, many in the lunchtime crowd stopped at the lemonade stand manned by the Galardi children. Customers dropped bills, including some large ones, into a big money-jar and received a small glass of lemonade. All for a good cause: the Japanese tsumani relief efforts. The three oldest Galardi girls made the sales while three younger ones played. Eight year old Shea says this is how they're spending Spring Break.

Shea: Me and my sisters and my Mom thought of making a lemonade stand for the tsunami.

Mom, Jennifer Galardi says as part of the "Lemons to Aid" program, the children plan three days of fundraising for victims of the disaster in Japan.

Jennifer Galardi: All of the money, the proceeds, will go through Lemons To Aid to the American Red Cross.

And the Red Cross will get the money to Japan.

"Lemons to Aid" is now an international movement that began in Dallas with one front-yard stand to benefit the victims of Haiti's earthquake. Founder Melissa Plaskoff created a website and Facebook page that encourages kids to help others, and offers information and resources for parents. She says she was amazed at the reaction.

Melissa Plaskoff: Social media so powerful that we've over 140 events nationwide and abroad, run by children to help others.

12 year old Samantha Galardi says people are paying a lot for the lemonade she and her sisters are selling.

Sam Galardi: Some people paid like ten dollars, 20 dollars.

Mom, Jennifer says this is a good lesson for the kids.

Jennifer: I think they're learning to look beyond our needs, taking time out of our day - especially with it being Spring Break - and do something that in turn is going to help others.

And Sam is happy to do it.

Sam: And like it's fun to do it. It's not like a chore. It's fun.

Lemonade stands for tsunami victims are popping up in a lot of neighborhoods. You can keep up with the activities on the "Lemons to Aid" Facebook page. The Galardi's say their goal is one hundred dollars for the Japanese relief efforts.


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