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Gas Prices Zoom Higher

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Gasoline prices across Texas are up more than a dime from a week ago. KERA's BJ Austin says higher prices may change plans for a Spring Break road trip.

Triple-A Texas says its latest weekly survey shows a 12 cent increase in the average statewide price for a gallon of gas. In Texas it's now $3.42 a gallon. It's higher by a couple of cents in North Texas: $2.44 in Dallas,; $2.43 in Fort Worth.

Sarah Shimmer, with Triple A Texas says gas prices have gone up 34 cents in the past two weeks. She says that could have an impact on Spring Break plans.

Schimmer: They are telling us that the 3-fifty to four dollar price points are making them take a second look at taking those trips.

But Schimmer says most are still planning to hit the road.

And she has some tips to get the most out of a gallon of gas.

Schimmer: Don't weigh down your trunk with things you really don't need. On average, Americans drive around with an extra hundred pounds in their car. That definitely makes your car burn more fuel. Drive the speed limit, and keep more money in your pocket.

Shimmer notes that gasoline today is at least 50 cents a gallon more than it was on January first.

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