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Dallas Police Chief Apologizes & Nightly Roundup

By Staff Reports

Dallas, TX – Police Chief Apologizes

Dallas Police Chief David Brown has apologized to a stroke victim who was mistakenly arrested for public intoxication. The Chief met with Dianne Irons Friday afternoon, and apologized for the incident last month.

Police were called to Irons' home regarding a family disturbance that involved her nephew. It was the officers' opinion that Ms. Iron's slurred speech and unsteadiness were the result of public intoxication. The Chief says Ms. Irons was mistakenly arrested.

Chief Brown is asking that the charges be dropped. Internal Affairs is conducting and investigation. And the two officers involved will be attending a 40 hour Crisis Intervention training course later this month.

Dallas Must Release Police Documents on Caraway Call

The State Attorney General says Dallas must release documents and recordings of a police visit to the home of Mayor Dwaine Caraway in January. Caraway initially said he called police because two friends, Arthur and Archie, got into a heated argument about the Cowboys game. He later admitted it was a dispute with his wife, State Representative Barbara Mallory Caraway.

The city initially denied media requests for the records, claiming they could be embarrassing or were of no public interest. Caraway, or the city, can appeal the A-G's ruling. Caraway was unavailable for comment.

Nidal Hasan Closer To Trial In Ft. Hood Shootings

Major Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused in the Fort Hood shooting rampage, is a step closer to facing a military trial. A brigade commander, Friday, recommended Hasan be court martialed and face the death penalty. He is charged with 13 ounts of pre-meditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder in the 2009 shootings.

Defense attorney John Galligan says he will raise objections before a final decision is made by a commanding general. The Army has not said if it will seek the death penalty if Hasan goes to trial.