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PTA Mounts Online Campaign To Fund Schools

By Shelley Kofler, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Today State lawmakers will hear from Texas PTA members who have proclaimed it "Fund Texas' Future Day."

The PTA is urging its 600,000 members blast legislators with email that demands they consider all sources of school funding including the Rainy Day Reserve Fund.

Governor Rick Perry has said the enormous state budget gap should be closed without the Rainy Day reserve fund which will have more than $9 billion. But the shortfall in proposed education funding is at least that large and Texas PTA President Sharon Goldblatt says school children deserve that money.

Goldblatt: Well again we've heard from our Governor who says we should not look at that but I don't think we can say no to anything. If this is not dire straights at this point if this is not an economic disaster waiting to happen I don't know what is. So we really need to consider using those funds.

The PTA is also urging schools tomorrow to include the message, "Fund Texas' Future" on their marquees.

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