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Long Lines For Bush Book Signing

Image Courtesy of SMU'S Daily Mustang
Image Courtesy of SMU'S Daily Mustang

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – At least a thousand George W. Bush fans lined up outside the former President's neighborhood bookstore Tuesday. Despite some protesters nearby, they waited patiently for Mr. Bush to sign their copy of his new memoir. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more

Some got here in the middle of the night to meet and praise their neighbor, and our 43rd president.

Mary Jeffries: I think George W. Bush did wonderful things for this country and I just want to let him know that.

Mary Jeffries says the hours in line were worth it.

Jeffries: He led us through difficult times. He had so many things catapulted onto his plate simultaneously and I think he did a wonderful job with it.

Critics were not so forgiving.

Chants: Torture is a crime, torture is a crime, torture is a crime.

About 10 protesters, led by Hadi Jawad, accused the Bush administration of war crimes and civil rights violations.

Hadi Jawad: He says water boarding was damn right! We are here saying water boarding is damn wrong! It's illegal, immoral , unethical and I'm proud of my friends here to make that point.

But back in line, Ophelia Greene, among the rare African Americans waiting for Mr. Bush, said you can't please everyone.

Ophelia Greene: We live in America, we're entitled to our opinions. I'm a strong supporter of George W. Bush, I voted for him twice. I think he was the President for the time he was called to be President. I really believe he did a great job. And I would support him today if he ran today.

Supporters like Greene, and Bush opponents like Jawad, are expected to make themselves seen & heard again next week. That's when George W. Bush will join others at Southern Methodist University to break ground on his presidential library.

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