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Stars Play Rangers


By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – You've got Stars tickets for tomorrow night. And you're following the Rangers in the World Series. But both teams are playing at the same time, and digital gadgets to keep you updated can be distracting. KERA's Bill Zeeble reports on the hockey team's solution.

The Stars say there's never been this kind of hometown dilemma before: another Dallas team in the finals, with the Stars on home ice.

Rob Scichili: If you come to the game, and you're kind of wondering, "I wish I could follow both games," We're trying to give the fans an opportunity to do that. So all monitors on the concourse, everywhere you walk, you will find Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars action.

Stars Communications Vice President Rob Scichili says half the 500 or more TV monitors in the American Airlines Center will be tuned to the baseball game, the others to the Stars. So it'll be something like this. Say you're in the arena, following the hockey game.

Then you get curious about the Rangers, so shift your eyes to the TV screen with the Series game.

Scichili says there'll also be Rangers-Giants updates on the main scoreboard after every inning, showing highlights when available.

Scichili: When San Francisco made their little run last night there were a few "oh darnit!" You could hear it when we put it up on the scoreboard. Hopefully the Rangers will give them something to cheer about when we play Buffalo on Saturday.

Scichili says it was basically a no-brainer to put the World Series game on half the arena's TVs. He says a Dallas sports fanatic cares about all the pro teams, especially when one's in the playoffs. He says the Stars even tried to switch tomorrow's night schedule.

Scichili: We went as far as moving Saturday's game against Buffalo to a day game, but we could not, unfortunately, because of NHL rules.

The Stars game starts at 7 tomorrow. The 3rd World Series game in Arlington starts at 5:30. The Ranger's trail the best-of-7 series, 2 - zero.

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