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Race for Texas House District 101

By Sam Baker, KERA Morning Edition Host

Dallas, TX –

Republicans want to increase their now 3-vote majority in the Texas House.

The state could gain three or four congressional seats in 2012, so national GOP groups want to influence next year's redrawing of voting district maps.

To do that, Republicans want to take back seats they lost to Democrats amid President Obama's popularity two years ago.

Incumbent Robert Miklos at the time became the first Democrat to represent District 101 in eastern Dallas County since 1985. This year, he's focusing on several issues. Protecting the public school system is at the top.

Robert Miklos: Economic growth, jobs all stem from a strong public education system. And our community, its strength stems from a strong public education system.

The Republican challenger is District 101 is a Tea Party supporter active in Republican groups over the years who owns several Subway franchises. Cindy Burkett's top priority is getting the economy back on track.

Cindy Burkett: We'll do that by making sure we don't raise any taxes this year in our budget process. And that we cut where we can. Make our regulation fair for our businesses so that we can get jobs back out there for the folks that need it.

District 101 covers Mesquite, Sunnyvale and Balch Springs.