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Dallas Man Arrested For White Powder Hoax

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – A 51 year old Dallas man is under arrest for mailing envelopes with white powder in them to the IRS and Social Security. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

Investigators say Michael Wayne Patterson's handwriting was a match to both envelopes. One was opened by an IRS employee in Austin. The building was evacuated. The powder turned out to be baking soda.

A postal worker in Dallas discovered the other letter, addressed to the Social Security Administration, when it began leaking white powder. Again, baking soda.

Federal officials say Patterson is NOT believed to be the source of the "Governors" or "Embassy" letters mailed last year with white powder in them; or the white powder mailings to businesses that began in North Texas two weeks ago.

Patterson has a hearing in federal court on Monday.

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