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Weatherford Water Service Partially Restored

By Shelley Kofler, KERA News

Dallas, TX – The city of Weatherford has temporarily fixed a broken water pipe. City workers are repressurizing the system and plan on restoring water to most of the 27,000 residents this afternoon.

Yesterday, in the midst of triple digit weather, the city scrambled to set up emergency stations that provided bottled water for drinking and additional water for other uses.

Weatherford Police Corporal Wendy Field is cautioning citizens not to drink the water that is now flowing from their taps. It needs to be boiled.

Field: There is a boil notice that's in effect and that will continue for a couple of days until we're able to test that water and make sure it is safe for consumption. It's ok to bathe in and use in the toilets and things like that but as far as consumption they need to make sure they boil that water.

It may take several days for the broken pipe to be permanently fixed. Until then Weatherford is prohibiting non-essential uses like watering the yard or washing vehicles.

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