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Dallas Bracing For Budget Cuts

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – July is a vacation month for Dallas city council members, but in the City Manager's office, it's all hands on deck. They're crafting a final "balanced" budget that will require deep cuts.

Employees in the "Cultural Affairs" department are waiting for the axe to fall - again. A 45% overall cut is anticipated. Grants for arts programs, even utilities and maintenance at the new venues in the AT&T Performing Arts Center, are on the cut-list.

Christopher Head has worked in Cultural Affairs for 12 years.

Head: We were 14 staff members. Now we're down to 8. We hardly have any of the strength that we used to have. One of the things that's been saving us has been retention. Unfortunately, that's starting to fragment as well because basically everybody's seen the writing on the wall and they're all trying to leave the ship as it sinks.

Before the council "break", the City Manager had the budget deficit whittled down to 35 million. The final budget proposal will be presented to the City Council August 9th.

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