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Millions Available For Energy Efficient Homes


By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Texas has more than 325 million dollars in federal stimulus money to spend on energy efficiency and weatherization for homes. In Dallas, KERA's BJ Austin says one State Representative is working to get the word out.

State Representative Carol Kent held a weatherization forum in the north Dallas Hamilton Park neighborhood to answer questions from homeowners, and help people fill out applications for the stimulus weatherization program. Kent says to qualify, income cannot exceed 44 thousand dollars a year for a family of four.

Kent: You can be 200% of poverty. That's a qualifier that some people will meet and other people won't. You have to apply for the funds, you have to have somebody come out and assess your home and then see what can be done to your home to tighten it up and make it more energy efficient.

Representative Kent says that ranges from weather stripping, caulking, insulation, door and window repair and replacement; solar panels, heating and cooling units, and duct work. She says the program promotes energy conservation and provides jobs for those who come to the home to do the work. Texas must spend the 325 million by 2012.

Dallas County Health and Human Services is handling local applications for the Weatherization Assistance Program.

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