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Dallas County Commissioners May Crack Down Diesel Engine Operators

Commissioner Price

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Dallas County Commissioners are expected to add a new clean air rule to the local books next week. It will limit large diesel engine vehicles from idling for more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, the operator faces a fine.

County Commissioner John Wiley Price says cracking down on those whose commercial vehicles violate the 5 minute rule will be tough. There's not really money to hire more people.

Price: in these very difficult times are you expecting us to having to gear up to talk about enforcement?

North Texas remains out of clean air compliance. Officials say when gas and diesel powered vehicles 14,000 pounds or larger sit idling, they spew too much Nitrous Oxide into the air. NOX is a key north Texas pollutant.

Failure to adopt the rule could prevent Dallas from receiving federal highway and other transportation funds.

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