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Texas Stadium Implosion Countdown


By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – 27 hundred pounds of explosives are in place ready to take down Texas Stadium early Sunday morning. KERA's BJ Austin has more on what to expect.

The public can watch the implosion of the famous Dallas Cowboys stadium with the "hole in the roof" from Lot A - across 114. Cost is 25 dollars per car, no RV's or buses. That money will go to charity. The lot opens at 2am for the 7am implosion - which will be proceeded by a fireworks display sponsored by Kraft. Demo chief Jim Redyke says during a four minute show, rockets shooting 30 feet in the air will appear to becoming from the hole in the roof.

Redyke: And at 10-9-8 they're going to have some flashes on the ground that will signal the countdown for the button.

11 year old Casey Rogers of Terrell was picked by Kraft in a contest to push the button.

Then, there will be dust. That gets a warning from Irving's demolition project manager Doug Janeway.

Janeway: If you have breathing issues or other issues about loud noises, we would encourage you to watch this from home.

Winds are forecast from the south blowing it in the general direction of Lot A.

Traffic on the highways surrounding Texas stadium will be stopped outside a quarter mile radius for 30 to 40 minutes. Police officer David Tull says that will happen between 6:30 and 7:30 Sunday morning. Officer Tull says get there early!

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