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Senator Hutchison Concedes Governor's Race


By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison wrapped up a long campaign for Governor with a five minute concession speech. KERA's BJ Austin says the Senator urged supporters to help elect Rick Perry in November, but declined to talk about her own future.

Hutchison: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was poised and gracious as she told her supporters it was over.

Hutchison: We have fought valiantly for our principles, but we did not win.

About a year ago, Senator Hutchison was seen as the candidate who could deliver the first election loss for Rick Perry, and become the next Governor of the State of Texas. So, what happened? Hutchison supporter Tommy Shores has an idea.

Shores: The Tea Party Movement, and Debra Medina. And Perry labeling her as Washington.

Dallas County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield agrees the trouble for Hutchison's campaign began in Washington.

Mayfield: Obama came into office, and started doing what most of us thought he would be doing, and there's a big backlash on that.

Campaign officials made it clear the Senator would not answer questions from reporters after the speech. The question sure to come up: will she resign the U.S. Senate as she has indicated or finish her current term?

Ron Carpenter of Arlington joined a chorus of supporters who say she should stay in the Senate.

Carpenter: I think Texas needs the representation and seniority in the Senate that she has.

Senator Hutchison did address the future in her speech

Hutchison: I ask my supporters tonight, all through Texas, to join me and unite behind Governor Perry.

After conceding, Senator Hutchison made her way through the crowd gathered in front of the stage. She shook hands, received a few hugs, and then left through the same stage door she had entered about 10 minutes earlier.

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