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Perry-White Preview Anti-Government Messages

By Shelley Kofler, KERA News

Dallas – ________________________________________
Governor Rick Perry and former Houston Mayor Bill White are test-driving their messages as they prepare to square off in the November election for Governor.

In the Republican primary, Perry rode a surge of anti-Washington anger to win the party's nomination without a runoff. Perry had 51% of the vote; Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison had 30% and Tea Party activist Debra Medina had 19%.

Bill White steamrolled six opponents to win the Democratic primary for Governor with 76% .

At their victory parties both candidates tried to energize supporters with different anti-government themes.

At a barbecue restaurant south of Austin Governor Rick Perry railed against Potomac politicians as he called his primary victory an important moment in the Republican Party's history.

Perry: I think the message is very clear conservatism has never been stronger than it is today and we're taking our country back

Perry then dished out a helping of the campaign rhetoric Republican voters decidedly embraced: a message inspired by Tea Party libertarians who blame Washington for the country's dismal economy. It's a message calling for limited government, lower taxes and less spending.

Perry: This election was about hard working Texans sending a simple, compelling message to Washington. Quit spending all the money, stop trying to take over our lives and our businesses.

Three hours away in Houston, the Democrat's nominee for governor focused his anti-government message on Austin instead of Washington DC.

White: They'll talk about the massive amount of growth in debt in Washington, which no one agrees with, in order to hike the debt in Austin that has almost doubled under Governor Perry.

Bill White accused Perry of taking credit for jobs created by Texas businesses while refusing to take responsibility for Texas jobs that have been lost.

White: They won't take responsibility that today there are one million Texas who are unemployed. That's an all time record in this state. We need a governor who'll take responsibility in this state

During the next 8 months Perry and White will share their different anti-government messages with Texans, as each tries to convince voters he has the best vision for the state.