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New Year's Resolution: Get A Flu Shot

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

Health officials in Tarrant County would like to see an H1N1 flu shot on everyone's New Year's Resolution list. KERA's BJ Austin says officials are concerned the holidays could mean an uptick in flu cases.

Tarrant County Medical Director Dr. Sandra Parker says the flu appears prepared to make a return, after a dip in the number of cases. Cases have increased slightly over the past couple of weeks. And Dr. Parker says those numbers could continue to rise as holiday travelers return home from areas of the country where the flu is more prevalent. She says 2009 has been a very unusual year for flu.

Parker: It was extremely odd to have flu during the late spring and all the way through summer. And we don't know if that could be the case again.

So, Dr. Parker says an H1N1 flu shot is a very good idea for 2010.

The shots are free. Tarrant County has 13 locations: seven public health clinics, and six shopping center store fronts.

The Dallas County Health Department offers the H1N1 vaccine on a walk-in basis at clinics. Many private physicians and pharmacies also have the vaccine, but charge an administrative fee.

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