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Dallas Council Members Warn DART

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

Dallas City Council members have a message for DART: Do not make the same mistake with train service to the Texas-OU game next year.

In October, more than 130 thousand fans tried to ride the new DART-rail "Green Line" to Fair Park and the game in the Cotton Bowl. The system couldn't handle the passenger load, and had mechanical difficulties to boot. It took thousands of angry fans "hours" to get to the game.

Council member Linda Koop is chair of the Transportation Committee.

Koop: We want, absolutely want, to have a good experience for anyone that comes; not only any of our member cities, but also our folks who are coming out of state and so forth. We want them to have a good time, because we want them to come back.

DART President Gary Thomas says they're already working on coordinating train and overflow bus service on game day, as well has having maintenance crews standing by. DART promises the city council two status updates on transit plans prior to the Texas OU game next year.

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