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Cowboys Go 3-D

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

Fans at Sunday's Cowboys game with the San Diego Chargers will be wearing more than the blue and silver colors of the home team. KERA's BJ Austin says they'll put on 3-D glasses after halftime.

During the third quarter at Cowboys Stadium, the game will be broadcast in 3-D on the seven story stadium video board.

Simon Tidman, with HDlogix, says this is the very first roll-out of new technology that instantly converts regular 2-D broadcasts into 3-D in real-time.

Tidman: In certain shots where the players are running towards the camera it's quite disconcerting. It looks like you're about to get hit very hard by some very large Cowboys.

Eveyone in the stadium will get 3-D glasses and instructions at the start of the third quarter. Part of play that quarter will be live-action, 3-D.

The formal unveiling of this new technology comes next month at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But Tidmon says his bosses are big Cowboys fans and showed the technology to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the world's largest video screen in the stadium. Jones liked it and Cowboys fans get to be part of the test run.

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