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Dallas Delivers H1N1 Shots To Public

By Ilan Goddard, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Wednesday Dallas County Health and Human Services opened its doors to offer free vaccinations for the H1N1 virus. By noon more than 2000 shots and flu mist were given to high-risk residents of Dallas County.

Jay Shaddock who suffers from emphysema learned about the vaccinations on TV.

Shaddock: I heard on the mid-day news at noon, the fact that they had immunized so many people. And it was working so quickly that we just got in the car and came down here. I was completely stunned at the speed that they served us. I couldn't have even gotten in and out of a private physician's office as quickly. It's a real blessing.

Blanca Cantu with Dallas County Health and Human Services says they will make vaccinations available to those outside the high-risk groups, but they don't know when that will be.

For more on what your local health officials are doing to address H1N1 flu, including information about preventing it go to the health page at