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Calls For Texas Secession Heard At Capital

By David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio

Dallas, TX –

The Texas Nationalist Movement joined other grassroots organizations in Austin on Saturday, where protestors held a rally called "sovereignty or secession." Dan Miller is one of the organizers. He said their numbers are growing.

Dan Miller: It's the Tea Party groups, it's the 912 groups - we've got Resistnet - we've got United Militias - they're all stepping up - its ridiculous.

Miller said he wants the state to break away from the union using peaceful means.

Miller: We reject violence as an instrument of political change.

Debora Medina is running for the Republican nomination for Texas Governor. She spoke to the crowd and said she's aware that the fight for the rebirth of the Texas nation could get violent.

Debora Medina: We are aware that stepping off into secession may in fact be a bloody war. We understand that the tree of freedom occasionally watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots. These are serious days.

About 500 people attended the rally. Many held homemade signs calling for secession and posed for pictures in front of the confederate war memorial.

Organizer Jerry Donaldson said Governor Rick Perry had agreed to attend the rally but later cancelled. Perry has given the secession movement verbal support in the past and he is pushing for Texas sovereignty in his re-election campaign. Donaldson said Perry is helping his organization grow.

Jerry Donaldson: He's been pushing sovereignty but stepped up and said if Texans want to secede they can and the reason was the Texas Nationalists Movement was right there in front of him.

Donaldson wants Perry to immediately call a special session of the legislature and put forth a statewide referendum for Texas independence. He's confident that Texans would support session and the referendum would overwhelmingly pass.

David Martin Davies reporting from Austin.