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Appeals Court Sides With LULAC On Texas Two-Step

By David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio

Dallas, TX –

A federal appeals court has sided with a Hispanic rights group that sued the Texas Democratic Party over the "Texas Two-Step" delegate process.

The League of United Latin American Citizens argued that the party's delegate selection process dilutes the Hispanic vote and should be subject to the federal Voting Rights Act. And a three judge panel agreed with LULAC on 2 of the 3 questions brought before them and the panel indicated it was ready to agree to the third and main question.

Luis Vela is LULAC's Legal Advisor.

Luis Vela: The judges have said two things. They urge LULAC to file a motion for summary judgement so they will answer the 3rd question. They also told the Democratic Party "we find it dubious if not doubtful that the Democratic Party can prevail against LULAC's motion for summary judgement".

In a statement the Texas Democratic Party said it's legal counsel is currently reviewing the Court's opinion to determine possible further action.

Vela said LULAC is willing to negotiate with the party but their goal remains to see that the voting rights act enforced in Texas Democratic primaries.

David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio News.