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No Quarters on the President George Bush Turnpike


By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

Starting Wednesday, July first the "toll baskets" on the President George Bush Turnpike will be out of service. KERA's BJ Austin says the turnpike is going to all electronic toll collection.

Highway 121 is all electronic; no quarters. The Wycliff toll plaza on the Dallas North Tollway is a camera monitored, Zip Cash operation. The Tollway Authority's Susan Slupeki says that's now the case with the George Bush Turnpike.

Slupeki: All of our traditional cash booth lanes will be closed, and video tolling will be in effect at all of those plazas that previously took cash. And that is going to allow all of our motorists to drive thru plazas without having to stop and actually pay.

But the trip is not FREE - just faster and more convenient. Slupeki says those without toll tags will receive Zip Cash bills in the mail. And she says there are late fees that may be attached if payments are not received on time. They range from $2.50 cents to a 25 dollar per transaction administrative fee. Slupeki says since the gradual conversion to all electronic tolling began a couple of years ago, 180 toll takers have been moved to new jobs with the North Texas Tollway Authority.

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