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Gasoline Prices Drop After 7-Week Rise

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Gasoline prices are lower across Texas in the latest Triple-A survey. KERA's BJ Austin says steady oil prices and lower demand are making giving drivers a small break at the pump.

The drop in average gasoline prices is a turn around -- according to Dan Ronan, with Triple A Texas.

Ronan: Gas prices have started leveling off in Texas, and across the country for that matter. We had gone about 7 weeks with gas prices continually increasing. And now, maybe they've peaked.

for the summer season. Ronan says Triple-A's Fourth of July travel survey shows not as many people are hitting the road for the holiday next weekend.

Ronan: About 3.2 million Texans will travel this Fourth of July, down a little more than three percent. Most of the trips, 2.8 million, will be by car.

THIS week Houston and San Antonio have the cheapest gasoline: $2.47 a gallon. El Paso has the most expensive: $2.61. But that's still six cents lower than the national average.

Gasoline in Dallas is an average $2.53 and a penny less in Fort Worth.

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