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Tollway Price Hike Expected

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – The North Texas Tollway Authority is expected to approve a double-digit toll hike July 16th. One option would also double the toll charge to drivers without toll tags. KERA's Bill Zeeble explains.

The authority originally planned to hike tolls 32 percent in September, then raise the rate again a year and a half later. But board member Bob Day wants to slow that process, and raise September rates by less than 20 percent. Over the next year or two, it would rise some more.

Day: Let's ease into anything we do, give them time to get adjusted, get tags, give them time to get used to it a bit.

Under Day's plan, the biggest rate boost would come from non toll tag users. He says they would pay twice the toll tag rate. So let's say the toll tag rate is a dollar. All others would pay too.

Day: My purpose is to encourage people to get a tag. Doesn't cost anything to get it and it saves them money when they get it so I'm just trying to encourage people to save money.

Board members are considering Days proposal and two staff proposals, one of which incorporates some of Days' ideas. The Authority needs more money to cover its debt and to keep building roads.

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