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Reprieve for Dallas Teachers on Termination List

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – 500 Dallas teachers will be back in the classroom next year after all. They had been on a list to be fired because of low scores on the controversial Classroom Effectiveness Index. It's a complex measurement of student performance and classroom instruction.

Dale Kaiser, President of the Dallas/NEA teacher-group, says the teachers got a letter in April, telling them to improve performance or face termination at the end of the school year.

Kaiser: The only way to improve your performance is to improve your CEI, and there's absolutely no time to improve the CEI because you only had five weeks of school left at the time.

Kaiser says District officials - when asked -- could not tell teachers HOW to improve their CEI's to avoid possible termination.

A memo from the Superintendent's office says "following further review, the decision not to extend contracts to teachers solely on the basis of C-E-I scores has been reversed."

Teacher unions will ask the school trustees to officially remove the C-E-I from job evaluations at the Board meeting later this month.

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