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Recycling A Priority in Reunion Arena Demolition

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Demolition is underway at Reunion Arena in downtown Dallas. And, a large, blue, concrete crusher is center stage.

Jim Rawson, project manager with A&R Demolition, says the 11 thousand cubic yards of concrete in Reunion Arena will be crushed and re-used on site.

Rawson: We put it into our concrete crusher and it separates the steel and makes our recycled material, which will be laid as a foundation, or bottom of the grade, for the next - whatever- project they do here.

Rawson says there's a 30-foot-deep "hole" to fill where Reunion's basketball floor, used to be and the hockey ice-rink below.

At least 75% of Reunion Arena will be recycled. Work should be completed in September.

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